the stamp
................part six

Our friend was a Prince,
but neither of them knew it
he didnt tell a lot of strangers
he didnt know how to do it.
oh yeah im real rich, by the way, im a winner
only thing it ever did was make his wallet get thinner
so he left.

but before he did
he got her number on a napkin
they did it quick enough so her date
wouldnt know what happened.
but what had happened was our
Prince had fallen hard.
so hard that when a teen tart
asked for the time
he said, it's not too late to make
that gorgeous girl mine.

in fact the next time i come callin
im gonna offer her something
she couldnt possibly resist.
i'll treat her like she should
like a real princess.
like (maybe) only a Prince could.

It was a long time
before he ever got back there again.
he had seen wars and loves
and little green men.

He saw her, too, in every sunrise
in every girl's eyes,
as fresh as surprise
like a cool song you memorize
and sing it over and over
till you can see it at night -
even when your eyes are shut tight
and your head's under the covers
and your face gets hot
and soon you need a little air.
but it's cold and the warmth you felt
reminds you of past loves
and the bitter
of despair