the stamp

part seven












The wind blew hard the day he came back
and the trees and the birds
formed a chorus of tweets and whooshes
that was hard to ignore - mainly because it was
pretty loud. If the critters and plants could
talk or dance, they'd probably have said,
"hey, welcome back."
The sky was bright and the air felt gray,
but for our hero it was just an average day.
you see, he was there for work, primarily.
and although he planned on partying later,
he hadn't expected to see her (past the waiter),
across the cafe,
and not too far, sitting as she did
at the bar, and noticing him as he mouthed to himself,
"no way."

The smoke, this time, was like a mist around her.
Remember when you were a kid you hated the barber?
and your Mom had to beg you to please take a shower,
and youd start having fun and stay in there for hours?
Well, that's how

our man

felt 'bout