the stamp
part eight












One time he was in it and lost and unsure,
so he stopped at a filling station
lookin' for a cure,
out came an old man with a grin
and some chew
he spit, bent his cap, and said,
"can i do something for you?"
I wonder how come we trust
some strangers? And others we worry about
mind-made dangers.
If your daughter said she was dating
a gas station pumper,
would you let her keep him?
or make him dump her?
But like city park rangers on the corner of the street,
When you're lost, late and lacking, it's
you end up thanking
with a smile that's not there
when it's met on your stair
and you realize, you worm
it's only on
your lame terms
that you'd ever really even want to meet.
"Yeah, I'm lost, I don't know where I am,
you think you can help me out, uh, Sam?"
Haven't you noticed any of these doves?
Fella, you aint lost,
son, you're in Love.