my boss's last day is today. he worked for the company for nearly six years and he will be missed a bunch by everyone that he came in contact with.

one of the most mellow easy going casual kick back laissez-faire hands-off bosses that i have ever had. make that The Most.

i never saw him flustered, i never had a problem with him, i couldnt have asked for a better boss for me and my twisted personality.

a fellow midwesterner, my now ex-boss is a big fan of video and computer games, action figures and the st. louis rams and cardinals.

he claims to have a hot tub in his backyard but that has yet to be verified, since he is such a private person, i was hoping that one day i gather everyone who he worked with and we crash his pad for a surprise hot tub party one weekend night. late at night. so late it'd be early.

anyway, good luck to wherever you're headed and thanks for hiring me.