picture of the day

theres going to be a few more expierments
happening around these parts
and im not sure how its all going to look.
one thing i want to do is more of these.
nobody knows how to do it, and those who do dont do it.
another thing youre going to see is more content.
even if its just a sentence or two, its going to happen.
i read far too many blogs, i see the news, i see the pics.
its all going to go on to the blog or up in this peice
and it will be good, or at least better than what youre used to seeing.
and if not, i will go back to the slacking fool youve grown to tolerate.
which ever comes first.
its not like i have to have more content,
or i have to compete with people,
i just want to be better,
and im sick of people not answering my emails.
i might even go back to spellchecking.