tsar has acheived the impossible.

they came here from another time
and each monday this october
they asked no money from you
they didn't ask the radio to play their cd
yet they still filled up spaceland
baseball had their playoffs and abc had monday night football
still, the cool kids of los angeles came out in droves
hip droves, but droves never the less
there were opening acts and then at around eleven p.m.
we witnessed the majesty and ceremony of rock.
the two jeffs steve and dan delivered new songs and
old gems. they weaved fantasy and reality
in such a way that would seem ridiculous on paper
but thats why we play the games.
i saw a number of people whose lives changed right there
my good pal karisa cant for the life of her remember
anything directly after the drums were kicked over
not even drinking with me,
or how i flew her home
after breaking up that riot.
tsar has the power to shapeshift
but theyre not showoffs infact theyre holding back.
theyre waiting for everyone to be ready
because even though it's cool for them
to blow peoples minds, weekly
secretly, they just want
your love