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From: tony's mom
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2000
9:39 AM
To: 'Tony Pierce'
Subject: TSAR ROCKS!!!

Hi Tony. Quite by accident I was up late last night sorting through newspapers and not paying too much attention to what was on T.V. I NEVER watch channel 2 at night. If I'm up that late, I watch "Not Politically Correct". However , there was this strange show on that I have never heard of and lo and behold, I hear the guy say, " And later TSAR will perform". I looked up and for a moment I wasn't sure what the name of your friend's group was because I KNEW they wouldn't be on T.V.

So then I started to call you to tell you they would be on T.V. (like you wouldn't have known!!!). I didn't because I would want to talk and it was late. So anyway I sat on the floor (to insure I wouldn't fall asleep) to wait for the big moment - their 1st T.V. appearance. AND FINALLY IT CAME. T S A R !!!!! I thought they were great!! I was a little disappointed that Rob (probably not his name) didn't have on the flag or the high heel tennis shoes. Is he politically correct on T.V.? Though the singing was a little weird, the musical part was great - reminiscent of some of the great bands I have heard. Of course the guitarist on the left was the greatest. But I like them all. They have great stage presence.

Talk to you soon.

Love ya.