people say the internet is dead
.............................................. and i say no youre dead. i say fuck you. hey fucker, i say fuck you.
everyone knows that porn continues to make money on the web and nobody cares to look at them
and ask them how they do it. i promise you there are no fucking pool tables or thousand dollar chairs
in the offices of a porn company. not even the biggest ones, who by the way, rake in way more than
you think. but forget them for a second. let's not talk about an industry that actually entertains while
delivering constantly evolving and suprisingly diverse low budget goods, let's talk about the retailers.
eToys is trading at thirty cents a share. how do i know? oh because i bought a hundred shares when
it was trading higher than thirty cents. eToys doesn't make any of the toys, just like how Amazon
doesnt write any of the books. eToys has over a million registered customers and somehow their
stock isnt worth shit. and therefore, they arent worth shit. i say good. i say if you cant turn a profit
off a million people coming to your site, a million email addresses, a million people who probably
only buy online maybe 3-4 times a year - and therefore you have a great opportunity to have them
mention your name whenever they talk about shopping on the Internet ... your whole thing is telling
people what you have and getting it to them -- as if that is some tough trick -- and you've done it
millions of times! and if you cannot parlay that into big time success despite allan greenspan's
meddling then i say die commie fuck. im no victim. i deserved to lose that money. i bet on the
fucked up horse. i understood the rules of the game. they were simple: bet, watch, and either
collect or don't collect. but typists who are getting paid to tap ridiculous opinions like "the web is
over"? is your cousin the one running eToys because suddenly you are even dumber than he is.
genius, digital tv means if you like what Tyra is wearing on Soul Train, then you point your remote
at her ass and click. 16 x 9 televisions mean the sidebar typically seen on web pages will appear
in such moments, probably displaying the prices of several online stores. click the store you like,
choose the color and size, hit the numbers on your remote for the password and within seconds you have
a receipt printing out of your mother fucking television! all these sites that are going out of business now
are the pilgrims who froze that first winter or caught the flu the next and croaked. and as they suffered i bet
they said fuck america, this place is rotten, no wonder nobody lives here. i say die, get out of the way. you know what's
interesting? these companies fail and they give up on the web but they were never really into it in the first place. i mean
hugh hefner lives in the playboy mansion. the center of that magazine's universe is not just that house, but it is beneath
his robe. meanwhile these dot com "leaders" dont even have a home page and they wonder why they get dissed. pardon
me for seeing a relationship there. larry flynt is a man who will go to court wearing an american flag diaper for his
industry and what do you think bill gates wore when congress wanted to ask him about his monopoly? even though
hes the richest man he didnt wear a diaper. but he gets away with it because he actually likes technology. these fakers
dont and so let them freeze. i have seen sites made by thirteen year-olds who make the most beautiful web pages
and im supposed to buy-in to industy visionaries, harvard mba's, and people who own beach homes and jaguars who
dont have the time or intellect to learn how to use dreamweaver and photoshop with the first round of funding? the web
is simply a collection of web sites. make one. hugh hefner knows what his cover girl smells like and most of you can't
clear your cache. the internet isnt dead, she just got her first period. happy black history month.