hey fuckface, nice job on cooling off the economy. now what other magic do you have up your sleeve? are you going to chop off my mom's head with an axe? see the problem that i have with you old man is you suck at your job, you're old, and you refuse to step down. now some people might call you agist or racist or a republican hack insuring that young liberals like me are not given the opportunity to cash in on their talent of making something out of nothing in the IT world. i mean shit, fucker, sorry that i chose technology over banking, or putting fake tits into women, or selling guns at swap meets. somehow your incessant tinkering with what wasnt broke didnt hurt those industries - surprise! but my question to you is, arent you supposed to be dead already, or playing golf or going to buffets in miami beach? i mean i have no problem with seniors in the work place as long as they are doing some fucking work. but just because you dont know the difference between a hard drive and a hard-on (nor have you seen either in a while, im sure) doesnt mean that you should stick your nose into what you dont know. i know it might have been called something else when you were a boy but this is America and if joe sixpack wants to spend $200 on a share of Yahoo! stock that is his fucking business. who the fuck cares about the P/E when it's supply and demand that should be at the root of capitalism. if Fucker A has money to burn and thinks he can sell that stock at $220 let said fuck buy the stock at the market value. there is no reason to adjust the scales and keep adjusting them until only the rich are investing in the market. what the fuck is that all about anyhow? and sure companies like pets.com were doomed. let them be doomed. but if people really want to buy alpo over the web, let them. but you didnt let them. you let the arabs sell their gas at high prices, weed is at an alltime high, even diamonds are super high, but somehow you think its wrong for tech stocks to be sold at a "high" price. the sector was new, who knows what the correct price should be? not you. this is america. the market should decide. but you kept turning the screws until the bow broke and now it is time for you to go grampa.

baseball starts in a week and heres something even little kids know: if a 76 yr old pitcher starts giving up home runs like crazy and begins to lose the lead, he gets yanked and if he refuses to leave he gets booed. before you stuck your dick into things everything was fine - better than fine. in a matter of a year you have lost $13 trillion dollars from a once robust stock market. time to go fucker. my problem with you is not your age or your ignorance, but your professionalism. you fucked up the game for your team and now you refuse to step down like a man. if you really want to cool off the fucking economy, do what i did, allow yourself to get laid off.