ashley's in town and guess what, she likes the new no doubt cd.

we went to the mann national last night to see vanila sky.

she wanted to see vanilla sky i wanted to see royal tantenbaums. she wanted to see royal tantenbaums too, but not as much and i had heard that vanilla sky was erotic and so incredible that you cant even talk about it, let alone the SO UNBELIEVEABLE ending.

well heres my review of the movie.

i wish that the theatre had burned down before we got there. i wish that tom cruise had taken some hetro lessons before he decided to pretend like he was kissing a hot chick.

you know, i have nothing against homos or hetros or whatever, but i do have something against a movie that takes EIGHTEEN of my hard-earned dollars and gives it to a guy who obviously spends it on workout equipment and dentures.

see this movie at your own risk.

one thing about cameron crowe, however, he is the master of making a soundtrack. if you find yourself not liking this film, just close your eyes and listen to the music. truly simply beautiful. much like my teen princess from the desert.

snuck into the baja fresh and ashley said she had to pee. i distracted the seniorita by asking if they had any flan or jello.

apparently thats all that im allowed to write about. but let me tell you these truths: vanilla sky sucks cow balls, and you cant get flan at the baja fresh.