well it's valentines day and im in love but im still sober enough to know that love is a far too dangerous
emotion for us to allow to be so widely-celebrated like it wasn't addictive or something like crack or food

love is cool, i hear it's making a comeback but

love is the reason they say oj killed nicole.

love is the reason that ron the waiter got in his car to return the sunglasses that nicole the customer forgot.

cuz girls will do anything when theyre in love. or trying to fall in it.

and boys are no better.

it's a dangerous dance and almost every time
it ends in both parties crying and quietly freaking
out usually for years and years
and years.

you definately should have a permit
to practice it.

too bad there is no practicing

but it's valentines day so lets also
say some nice things about love.

it makes the world go round.

its an amazing source of vitamin courage.

and not only is God love,

but love

just might be


showing off.

it sure aint us showing off.

sex . drugs . rock