i love how this attorney general candidate is trying to say that hes all christian but hes not too christian and then it comes out that he doesn't dance for religious beliefs but he will turn to one side or the other if the music is just that amazing and i say no fuck you youre out of the running for having no grasp of reality neither secular nor christian. you dumb fuck. what a horrible example of a so called spiritual man. what fucked spirit is in you that you can't shake your ass? you're lucky peter jennings doesnt smack your stupid face on principle.

if i ever get to the point where i am running for attorney general you tell all of them that i am not a good dancer and i do not dance a lot but i think the Lord gave us asses for a reason. he gave me this web page for a reason too and if there is one thing this christian can tell you is truth love trust and some courage is what'll get you in there fucker. stop being a boring predictable girl. my kingdom for a little confidence up in this mofo. republicans bitch and moan about the clintons but assurity is the thing that wins it for them every time. thats what vickie tells me, anyway. she says it even works for girls.

close your eyes
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