once me and karisa were driving down wilshire and she said i love this street and i said i love this street too!
and sometimes you wish that you had said something first so that the other person would believe you more
but the truth is i really do love wilshire. maybe one day i will show you how much i love it.
i got nothing to wear today. everything is wrinkled. a beautiful girl said that i can make wrinkled clothes look cool,
but all your friends say sweet things when they think youre not having a good day. even if it's not true. i love you, wilshire.
you know something im sick of? this dumb war. i thought we were gonna use the mother of all bombs.
how come we're not using the mother of all bombs? i know why we're not using the mother of all bombs.
dont let this picture fool you. it's cold in la right now. it's like fifty five degrees. i had to put on the electric blanket last night.
what the fuck is that all about? im an american. im a californian. i pay top dollar to live in this paradise and its bad enough
that im sleeping alone, now i have to
use my electric blanket weeks after
it officially became spring?
i blame the president. fuckr. i say its tied to oil somehow. my blanket uses oil in some way, i bet. it's all a terrible scam.
for the longest time they said they didnt want a catholic president because they were afraid that he would be
influenced by the church and the pope but tell me a stronger lobby than the oil people. big tobacco?
no, because not everyone smokes. but everyone either drives, or gets rides from babes down wilshire.

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