supertsar7: easy cowgirl
MrciaBrdy4: [im changing the subject]
supertsar7: im gonna be putting this on my site
MrciaBrdy4: i know
MrciaBrdy4: im just being a "schoolgirl slut"

supertsar7: this glaucoma medicine sure is making me hungry
MrciaBrdy4: what medicine is that??
supertsar7: you know, for my
supertsar7: chronic
supertsar7: glaucoma
MrciaBrdy4: oh yeah that stuff
supertsar7: IVTV has made me want to change my life
MrciaBrdy4: wow youre kidding
MrciaBrdy4: change it to what

supertsar7: i want a cable access show now
MrciaBrdy4: oooh that would be SO cool!
MrciaBrdy4: omg i would watch it all the time
MrciaBrdy4: honestly
MrciaBrdy4: i would love it

supertsar7: i want to get a little camera and have my friends walk around and interview people
MrciaBrdy4: could i guest star???!!!
MrciaBrdy4: ooooh

supertsar7: of course!
MrciaBrdy4: we should get you a webcam
MrciaBrdy4: start small

supertsar7: no
MrciaBrdy4: oooh i would love that
MrciaBrdy4: no?
MrciaBrdy4: why not

supertsar7: you need a real camera
MrciaBrdy4: why
supertsar7: cuz part of IVTV's appeal is they fucking rule as far as production goes
MrciaBrdy4: oh ok
supertsar7: great music, great effects
MrciaBrdy4: well i wanna be involved
MrciaBrdy4: live from the scientologist capital of the world
MrciaBrdy4: it's sonny [& ashley*]

supertsar7: i was thinking you can do some Orange County reports
MrciaBrdy4: yeah
MrciaBrdy4: live from OC
MrciaBrdy4: so how's wal*mart coming along?