ashley did some last minute christmas shopping at the wal*mart in vegas and had her little friend take some pictures.

here at, we pride ourselves in having more pictures of ashley than any other site on the internet.

life is a lot like one of those trick shit pies that you get in far off lands like madagascar and beruit. the guy spots the tourist and says my friend my friend i have for you something that you wont get anywhere else in the world, and offers you a shit pie.

if you're like me, you can't pass up such a great deal, i mean he allows himself to get talked down from 2,000 dumrahs down to 125 and says to you that the game is to share the pie with at least four people and the one who finds the empty bullet casing in his slice is the king of the day.

the trick, in most of those pies, is there's no old rusty bullet casing at all awaiting a lucky monarch-to-be, there's just pinapple slices, gray sardines, crust and shit. the trick is on you cuz everyone is cleaning their plates looking for the prize. aint no prize. the prize is you get to share a fun desert with your friends.

last christmas i didnt even know ashley, this year has been nothing but bullet casings, if you know what i mean. no shit.