: 9. Impossible (Keys) - 4:14
lauren: OHHH!!
lauren: i didnt know she sang on it.
lauren: it sounds like her type of song, too.
tony: is christina a ho?
lauren: i can hardly judge her sexual tendencies from the way she dresses. if this was an assumption i could make, yes, i would say she is a ho. but since i could wear a bra and panties around and still remain a virgin, i'd say.. it's very hard to determine.
tony: is the video for "dirrty" the dirtiest thing youve ever seen?
lauren: no, but its the "dirrtiest".
lauren: hahahha.
tony: seriously, did she go over the line with that one or is it good?

: i think she sort of raised the bar a little.. but i wouldn't say she crossed the line. i'd say that some of britney's performances were along the same lines as "dirrty".
lauren: raised the bar for skanky videos. but i wouldn't say she ventured into the gray area of being "skank ass whore"
lauren: hell, we've seen britney do the same thing for years.
tony: what was the last concert youve seen?
lauren: dixie chicks, fly tour.
tony: what was the last movie you saw?
lauren: the ring
lauren: scary as SHIT
tony: totally