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   Wednesday, October 09, 2002  
hey tony, why the long face?

hi blog. oh, i don't know, june gloom.

see those pumpkins for sale in the abandon lot, it's october, amigo.

im not sad, just very mellow. a little anxious about what the future has in store for me. a little bummed about the angels, who i was rooting for last night.

that's weird, i woulda thought you would definitely be pulling for the twins. minnesota has given us Prince, Husker Du, The Replacements, Jesse Ventura. wasn't that the first place you ever really got drunk?

yes. in winona, mn.

so why are you rooting for those frat boys from behind the orange county?

for welch. it's his team.

well im feeling great tony. have you heard all the nice things that people have been saying about me lately?

this feels like a bad vaudeville ventriliquist bit.

just go with it. nobody cares.

why, no, blog, what are the people saying about the blog, i mean about you?

look at this great list, bro:

Ernie the Attorney says: "Tony's blog is simply one of the best things on the web."

Nikki, Esq., law student from St. Louis raves: "My new favorite blog."

The Daily Pundit, Bill Quick says: Jebus Grist, Tony Pierce is good when he sets himself to it.

Moxie beams: Forget simon says, it's all about Tony. Mr. Pierce told me I couldn't post again until I had kissed a stranger. Consider it done.

Some Standard Hotel dweeb got his grubby hands all over Moxie? I knew I shoulda gone to that damn thing. Thanks for bringing all that to my attention, blog.

madonna has a new movie where she's on a desert island alone with a hunk dude. would you want to be stuck on an island with madonna?

oh yes.

what about courtney love?

sure, why not.

what about jennifer love hewitt?

seeing that she's starving already, i don't think i'd want to do that.

read any good new blogs lately?

Frankenstein turned me on to the fact that Tony Soprano has a blog. it might not be the first one. it might not be the best one. but it has potential. and im a sucker for anything that ends with "posted by Tony," especially when it's in reference to the most compelling tv character to come along in quite a while.

what about that chick from Alias

im bummed, i saw the first two episodes last year and then tuned out.

dude, that's a great show. what about "24"?

exactly the same thing happened with that too.

got that big tv and you don't watch it?

you don't get carpal from watching tv, bloggy blog.

yeah, guess snot.

ok, hang loose, old zeroes and ones

have a great day, typer of keys. by the way, costas is from new york.

details, details.

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