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   Friday, October 18, 2002  
reuters reports that sean penn spent $56k to call the president an asshole. okay, he didn't say asshole, but he did buy a full page ad to say that he disagreed with blowing iraq to hell.

"bombing is answered by bombing, mutilation by mutilation, killing by killing.

"I beg you, help save America before yours is a legacy of shame and horror," Mr. Penn wrote, so says Reuters, but where is the full ad? where's the entire damning transcript?

if Chuck Heston had put out a similar ad back in the days of Clinton, a guy like Matt Drudge would have had that shit on his web page transcribed with a nice big picture of Moses next to it.

But since Drudge is nothing more than the towel boy at the right wing bath house, he wouldn't dare "publish" Penn's pleas.

why have a balanced blog?

and whiners complain that the media is liberal, and i say hogwash. i like saying hogwash. especially when its bullshit that i'd rather scream. so instead i resort to saying hogwash.

i say hogwash today because i go to the Instapundit and i don't see Penn's transcript. i go to Little Green Footballs and i see that some other actors have chipped in to decry the war cry, but i don't see their ad either, instead they get called "high profile idiots on the anti-American left", because apparently freedom of speech is anti-American when it comes from the left. i go to blogdex, nada. welch, layne, jarvis, no one has it.

i may as well be in russia. dissenter? kill him or ignore him, but at all costs, dont pick on king george.

what's a brother got to do to get his words read after he puts his money where his mouth is and gives the raspberry to the commander in chief?

i thought you people ran political blogs focused on this war on terror?

you cant seriously tell me that this isn't newsworthy.

its only newsworthy when you talk tough? or some wonk in congress? or if The Factor says it on his show? i've seen m-f'ing Bill O'Reilly being quoted and bits of his show being shown on tv this last month more times than i've seen the President and the Vice President combined. think about that. theres a sniper in DC, congress said it's cool to bomb, the prez even addressed the nation, still i see O'Reilly's mug on the screen almost as much as i see Regis's. now how is that a liberal media?

sean penn married madonna, people. he was in fast times at ridgemont high as a stoner surfer! he punches paparazzi. his new wife is a complete piece of ass. and now he does the right thing and where are the so-called reporters?

what more does a man have to do to get a little attention? shoot innocent people from a van?


all these so called war bloggers arent anything more than what the rest of the press is: followers.

if cnn ran the transcript, then everyone would link to it. but because the washington post or reuters doesn't want to give penn any more press than what he paid for, the news dies in the fish wrap of record.

pardon me, but it is news when a big time, a-list, real deal movie star puts out a full page ad and publicly calls bullshit on the president of the united states in a time of war.

and pardon me once again, friends, but now im going to have to call bullshit on you.

to get the medal of bs removed from your good names, either write down and put on your blog the damning words of mr. penn, or link to someone who has the entire transcript of the ad.

otherwise i will consider you nothing more than another towel boy like drudge.

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