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   Wednesday, October 09, 2002  
think i could sell ads in this blog? i do. i think i could sell anything in the world i wanted to on here. i dont see why that isnt true for anyone else.

if will wheaton and adam curry and all the other has-beens can get a ton of hits and turn that into revenue, i dont see why i cant.

speaking of money makers, guess who saw anna nicole smith getting into a car today? oh yeah.

rumor has it that she saw a guy wearing an E! cap. she said "oh i love your hat!" he said, "would you like it?" she said, "yes, tell me where i can get one!" he said, "oh, they dont make these any more, would you like this one?" she said, "why thank you, let me rub my boobs all over you to thank you!"

i love that girl.


all of that, reportedly happened before i saw the cable tv star and i have to say i thought she looked super beautiful. totally glamorous. very movie starable. didnt look nearly as chunky as she can on tv, but then again, i have a very big tv so it probably adds 35 pounds to her.

i love being star struck.

she was looking right across the street at me.

i think it was me. it might of been at the sign that said koo koo roo over my head.

i wanted to wave at her because i know how much she loves her public.

but im terribly shy.

im just as bad as adam curry and will wheaton. i bet they wouldnta waved either.

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