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   Friday, October 17, 2003  
if anyone understands, i do.

i went to a strip club for the red sox tonight.

the cheerleaders had come over to the hollywood cabana. they wanted to cheer me up, ironically. i told them that i was already cheered up. they said what about the xbi, we thought you had gotten in trouble.

i was all, fuck trouble, nothings worse than what the cubs just went through.

70. jack b.

they laughed, mixed some drinks and asked me where i wanted to watch the red sox game.

i told them that i wanted to watch it at home.

they called me no fun and we drank and smoked and played a quick game of scrabble because im addicted and then the game was getting too close so i told them that if they were still motivated that i would like to go to a strip club to watch the rest of the game.

they were game, so we went to cheetahs on sunset.

71. allison

i asked the big armenian doorman if the game was on inside.

he was all looking at the girls. didnt look at me when he said yeah i think theres a game on in there.

a game?

none of our IDs even got checked, just let us in, there was a big screen


game was on and i ordered a round and sat at the foot of the catwalk and the girls got some quarters for pool

and i watched the game until a particularly frisky exhibitionist began to dance within my sightline of the game

72. abigail

she didnt dance like the others. hard to really call it dancing, to be truthful.

she moved around the stage like the music kept getting shot through her feet buckling her knees and curving her back and then out through her head and flailing arms

like she was dry humping the

then she caught my eyes

locked on,

as her hair fell over her eyes and nose and smile.

they play the music pretty quiet at the cheetahs on sunset blvd in los feliz down the street from the vista theatre. not quiet quiet but she was dancing to marilyn mansons latest, mobSCENE, and it was lets not wake the neighbors level but she didnt mind.

none of the girls minded.

73. xtracyx

they all wore super tall see through hard plastic 8 inch heels. one tattooed punk rocker wore wooden high heels and the shortest short shorts i think ive ever seen. perfect hair. music that ive never heard before. everyone was ridiculously skinny.

one chick had long long spider legs and they all had to wear pasties but they were cute and i just wanted to watch the game.

and i dont know if everyone was distracted by two semi drunk cheerleaders playing air guitar with pool cues but nobody pestered me with offers of lap dances

and i got to say fuck unmolested when aaron boone who shouldnta even been a yankee if life was fair gave us one more soaring reason to hate the yankees and ive never seen a ball just float away like that before.

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