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   Monday, October 20, 2003  
in nearly 110 years i have traveled the world, kissed some of the prettiest girls on the globe, flown in impossible machines, graduated from the finest college in santa barbara, and even been lauded praise by my local paper as having the most entertaining web log in los angeles.

and with all due respect to all of those experiences and acheivements, the greatest accolade that i have ever received is getting a link on the Snoop Doggy Blog.

today is Snoop Doggs birthday and he deserves our praise.

born in a not-so-wonderful part of Los Angeles, caught up in drug dealing and pimping, Snoop turned a bad situation into a good one. i might even say he turned it into a great one. he not only became one of the leading hip hop stars of all time, but his fashion sense and his overall style is second to none.

from his first track with dr. dre on the deep cover soundtrack, to being the secret weapon on dre's first solo album the chronic, all the way through to this years "beautiful" with pharrell, snoop has provided the groundwork for the laid back slick west coast flava that has reigned over hip hop throughout the last twenty years.

cadillac made a huge mistake, in my opinion, when they chose not to build the snoop de ville. african americans have proven that they will embrace a quality caddy as seen by the huge success of the escalade. why gm decided to lisence the fine music of led zeppelin (admitted and documented heroin users, pediphiles, drunkards, and satan worshipers) instead of the rhymes and phat beats of the d-o- double g.

it doesnt surpise me that snoop is a libra.

the tenents of love, peace, the mellow flow, style, and grace are all typical libra traits - pure snoop dogg.

and he represents like very few before or since.

happy birthday bigg snoop dogg.

my favorite rapper of all time.

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