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   Thursday, October 16, 2003  
its interesting to see all the people who come out of the woodwork like rats to kick a guy when hes down.

instead of focusing on one team who came back in an improbable way to win two games on the road against the two best pitchers in baseball and praising them for never giving up, they attack me and my team every way they can.

what sort of ass does that sort of thing?

what sort of heartless creep says to himself, i know his team hasnt won in almost a hundred years, that team is five wins away from ultimate victory and instead of saying "sorry bro" im going to write him emails or leave dumbass comments on his blog and talk shit and try to rub it in.

as if morons could make it worse.

morons, you cant make it any worse.

you can fill up my comments all you want with your dreck and hate and jealousy and ignorance, that wont make me feel anything but better, cuz i know no matter what sort of fucked up thing the cubs have going for them, they wont ever be as ridiculous as you.

then the jackholes come in here trying to pound on me for asking for help to get world series tickets.

even without their reactionary criticisms, let me tell you something, it is hard to ask for money. its hard because most of us not only have hang ups about money, but we definitely have hang ups about asking for things.

a man is supposed to be perfect. a man is supposed to be able to have everything and be able to do anything. when a man asks for something, especially something that he is supposed to magically have at all times, like thousands of dollars at his disposal, he sets himself up to be ridiculed. so then what happens is he doesnt ask, or doesnt ask enough, or doesnt ask the right people, or doesnt ask the right way, and then he doesnt get it.

ask and you shall receive, buddies.

dont be afraid.

last week welch linked a blogger who wanted his readers to chip in and get him a laptop so he could continue blogging for them. within a day or so not only did he raise almost enough cash, but someone flat-out bought the thing off his wishlist in one fell swoop.

thats a beautiful story. and whats best about it is it's true. people spend their money on a variety of things and for them to have the opportunity to give back to someone who gives to them every day is a natural and win-win exchange for everyone.

whats also natural is for idiots to quickly become jealous and try to ruin the good thing thats going on.

the web and the internet and especially blogging are poised to change a lot of things, especially how people give money directly to those who produce information and entertainment. there will be trailblazers, there will be naysayers, and there will be investors.

if you get all freaked out and jealous and flustered by new ideas and new ways of doing things, especially things where everyone wins, then the busblog is the wrong blog for your naysaying ass to find itself, cuz new shit happens here almost every line.

this entire blog, friends, is an experiment within an experiment. some take a long time to figure out, some take minutes. some involve taboo subjects like dating 18 year old college girls, or asking for money for bleacher seats at the world series. some involve taboo subjects like supporting the left wing ideals of american politics. some involve writing in such a way that english teachers everywhere would have heartattacks.

not every experiment is going to work out the way that i expect it and thats why i love science and why i love life. because theyre both filled with surprises. some are happy surprises, some are sad ones that make you want to just pull the sheet over your head and take another damn personal day.

if theres anything that you can take from the busblog, take this: follow your heart, come from a good place, trust the world, be fearless with your opinoins, and write more than usual.

last night i got to hear one of my favorite rock stars lead the fans of my favorite team in the singing of take me out to the ballgame during the seventh game of the national league playoffs, when mr. billy corgan of the smashing pumpkins sang last night with that pisces iscariot lilt of sadness that he has become known for.

if you remember, during game one, jimmy buffett sang during the seventh inning stretch and fox didnt show it.

i bitched on here and i dont even like jimmy buffett the way my buddy the video guy likes him, but i argued that it is a tradition at wrigley, and it is a tribute to their last great broadcaster, mr harry caray.

and im not saying that because i blogged it, it created change in how a gi-normous multibillion dollar tv network chose to present their baseball playoff coverage.

but im not saying that it didnt cause change either.

if even i was just one voice in a chorus of people singing bullshit, now you might know how important that one voice is.

you are valuable, cubfans.

your opinions matter.

start a blog. write in it.

tell people about yourself and the things you like and the things you dont like.

there will be assholes

but there will also be angels.

tonight the boston red sox play their arch rivals the new york yankees in the seventh and deciding game of the american league playoffs.

pedro vs the rocket in the house that ruth built.

classic east coast bench clearing brawling and beanball baseball in rocktober.

the red sox havent won a world series since 1918 and the yankees bitchslap the integrity of the game with how they assemble their team each year while giving the middle finger to sportsmanship.

if pedro hits every yankee in the head and punches zim in the gut he wont really be doing the Lords work, but he will be doing mine.

lets go sox.

i heart kate + ken layne is coming to LA this weekend to give us rock + the knowledge problem

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