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   Friday, October 17, 2003  
my man russ writes in and asks "can the red sox and cubs play for third place?"

thats something that if i was president of the united states, i would immediately mandate.

nobody wants to see this miserable world series.

everyone wants to see the cubs vs the red sox.

give the money to charity or some shit. i dont know. i dont care.

all i know is it would triple the ratings of the fish and the fuckees.

i am so sleepy, america. it's finally catching up to me.

if i could i would sleep all weekend, but i have to be a preacher on sunday, my first time ever.

differnce between the losers world series is that i would make it all day games when they played at wrigley.

the way it ought to be.

the way God intended.

and buck beers for the kids.

maybe afterwards for the fenway games aerosmith, the cars, and the pixies could play

and at wrigley cheap trick, smashing pumpkins and ministry could rock.

i dont know.

better than thinking about different ways to jump off bridges.

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