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   Saturday, October 18, 2003  
one way to spread the word is to ordain ministers and not make it very hard to become ordained.

yeah, you'll get some idiots in there, but you'll also get some superstars.

two things you get to do if youre a minister in america is marry people, and talk to prisoners.

tomorrow im going to marry two people.

its my first time doing it, and im very nervous.

ive had to speak in front of large groups many times before but this time Gods gonna be there.

i dont wanna fuck up.

the happy couple's first date was on a special night more than ten years ago where almost all of our friends were in attendence.

four of our friends had new group

baby dangerously

they sat on stools and sang beautiful songs.

everyone had dressed up

coulter was the bartender and he mixed the most wonderfully delicious intoxicants,

and after the music, everyone started making out.

and the stereo was playing and the vibe was like nothing ive ever felt before or since

and everyone was dressed up and young and beautiful and buzzed not drunk not drugged


love was in the air

it was

it was

kissed six girls walked one home and kissed her too.

i saw one guy get cornered by two girls

so when i found out that bonnie and charlie had their first date that night


with us

i felt a lot better about being the mc of their dance

these two have traveled the world together since then, and theyve traveled the world alone.

charlie was one of my roommates when i lived with layne and don and dan and mike and for a little while, kip, and shira, and chris, my true love.

during the proceedings i wont say anthing about the time that charlie fell from on top of the giant christmas tree in union square on new years eve and broke his back

and rescue 9-11 happened to be there and shot it and showed it on tv hosted by william shatner, i believe.

i am blessed to have the greatest friends in the world.

one time charlie and bonnie had a thanksgiving dinner at their house and the food was probably the best food ive ever had in my entire life and that includes the meals ive had in some of the best restaurants in paris, rome and isla vista.

charlie was the editor and cheif of the daily nexus the year after i graduated and one of the best reporters we had when i was there. he and morgan were a writing team for a while and it totally worked perfectly and it was so great watching them huddled in front of one computer brainstorming and teamworking and laughing and rocking.

bonnie was the editor of the art's and entertainment section of the daily nexus two years after i was.

the daily nexus had a history of winning tons of awards but one that we hadnt ever gotten before was for best arts section in california.

only because of the help of doug arellanes, amy langfield, jeff whalen, todd francis, denis faye, brian banks, and mr pat whalen, was i able to win it in 90.

bonnie won it in 92 all by herself.

she plays the cello.

for awhile these guys lived in frisco for a while they lived in austin and now they live here in la with all of us and most of us will watch this thing but i'll be the one with the crazy view.

good thing theyre going to be together forever or id be really nervous.

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