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   Friday, February 27, 2004  
from my comments about howard stern censorship america, etc.
by ambra

Cry me a river. Conservative morality is being [shoved] down peoples throats? Hardly compares to the Liberal agenda shoved down most peoples' throats when they turn on most major television networks, go to public school, or try to see a movie.

The point is, LOTS of stuff is being shoved down people's throats from all different directions. No single political party is wielding the sword here.

You better believe that Democrats are just as strategic if not more at getting their message across in convoluted ways. Political parties are just evil. All 100 of them. No good can come from "group think".

Stop all the whining and just be thankful you can actually make a choice politically. There's always someone worse off than you. It's easier for us to feel better about our own lack of productivity by blaming everything on the big bad government.

Americans make me sick. Myself included. (Yes that's right, I make myself sick). We're so lazy, but we can somehow manage to post on our blogs how much we hate the government or how disenfranchised we are. Meanwhile, the average immigrant can come here and make twice as much money as we do, own 6 businesses, and manage to raise their kids to replicate the process. Why? Because they recognize that authority is authority and they can bitch and moan but it's not going to change their situation. They actually DO something in spite of the government. So I say, we're full of excuses and I think it's a load of crap. People need to step outside of themselves. How does what we do as individuals impact the same issues we complain about. In spite of our problems, we're freakin' blessed to live in a country like America and that shouldn't be forgotten. Whoever catches that revelation will be the most successful in life. Period.

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