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   Sunday, March 14, 2004  
the clock says it's five fifty five. clipper girls cousin says that i can have one of her vicodins if i need it. but why not stay up late on saturday. thats what theyre for.

ive caught up on all of my television. bill maher, real world, survivor, i saw scream for the first time, watched the lakers win, saw the apprentice, howard stern... listened to fridays howard stern thanks to torrent, watched nick and jessica, blind date, pti. why dont people believe me when i tell them that i need to just crash out a few times a week, and i was overdue.

my neighbors have pretty much completely beautified the neighborhood with flowers and plants and bamboo things and landscaping, and it's downright gorgeous.

the sun is going to beat me to my bedroom.

today i ate two tv dinners, a can of soup, cheez-its that tasted like chicken n the baskets, drank diet mountain dew code red, regular coke, water, and diet pepsi.

i also ate mission tortilla rounds dipped in fresh salsa.

rose magowan looked hot in scream.

throughout the day i put together the bunny meets tony photo essay.

it was tough cuz what do you say really.

plus the pics dont ask me why turned out pretty great.

i think its cuz im doing the right thing with the white balance.

who knows.

all i know is howard stern is getting screwed and the only person paying attention is jeff jarvis.

and that thats the last picture of bunny this week, i promise.

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