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   Wednesday, March 17, 2004  
happy st. paddys, shane macgowan. who i cant believe is still alive. i love the irish. one was once used by one of the hottest irish girls you'll ever meet. in the morning i woke up and told her that i didnt remember what we had done and she was kind enough to refresh my memory.

ive been to many nations. never ireland.

the last time i made a ton of money it was due in part to a nice irish man. some didnt think he was nice. i never had a problem with him.

once i found myself in a foursome. three girls and dumbass. one of the girls was irish. weeks later she would get on my bed with me and her roommate and my roommate and we all tried to make out right there but we ended up laughing all night instead.

my favorite beer is guinness.

my favorite prepared drink is baileys.

last time i cried at a concert was at u2.

my favorite restaurant is mcdonalds.

these are my favorite pogues cds

rum sodomy and the lash
if i should fall from grace with god
yeah yeah yeah yeah

my favorite quarterback is donnovan mcnabb

the brits however made this commercial about their favorite swear words.

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