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   Monday, March 01, 2004  
ive been in this closet all day. first thing i did was put together the much anticipated interview of kristin as delivered by steve from adrants.

i was halfway done when kristin saw the pictures i was using and was very disappointed. i dont think she understands that most people see her as a beautiful girl inside and outside. maybe she does. who knows.

at some point i realized that i didnt have any pictures of steve and then i realized that you guys probably are happy about that, so i just kept on doing what i was doing.

then i put together the interview on lick between ms. kitty bukkake and ms. sara k. smith.

a long time ago i lived on haight street with ken layne and others. one of the others was mr dan. mr dan found a lovely lady named sara and in no time she became the one and only sara k smith.

of all the people on the internet that i wish i could write like, it would be sara.

dan sent in some pics of his girl but not very many so i had to collect a few more from some shady characters.

kitty bukkake lives near me. during the blogosphere thingamawho someone handed her the mic and she announced who she was and everyone looked and applauded. kitty's hot. and she writes a hot blog.

hopefully she wont mind that one of the pics i used of her was one she took topless after running and nearly winning the boston marathon.

then i did whatever it is that i do with the five new peices for lick. then i took the last thing that got submitted to lick this week and made it the preface.

then i changed the table of contents.

then i wrote this.

im so beat you dont even know.

i am pretty sure i have forgotten to include a few peices to lick. if thats the case, just email them again to me and at the end of this week they will be up. i do sorta suck.

it's 1:51 at 9pm i told this cute girl to come over and lay in my bed and at 1:30am i would wake her, and she didnt take me up on that terribly inviting offer which is just as well cuz i would have been 21 minutes late.

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