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   Monday, March 01, 2004  
yes i watched the oscars. yes im a sell out. yes i still have to finish Lick and its past midnight and it's a schoolnight and i still hafta get a buspass for tomorrow. and yes i dont have anyone over right now.

and yes i saw the passion of the christ yesterday and yes it was fantastic and yes it was gruesome and no it wasn't the least bit antisemetic. if they think that was antisemetic they think the new testament is antisemetic cuz that movie stuck to the four gospels pretty close.

i did like that he chose to use the earthquake scene during the crucifixion. it only appears in one of the four gospels that discuss the crucifixion.

yes i have no banannas i have no banannas today.

an anonymous blogger said that she had a lil crush on me and now im dying to know who this rapscallion is. but i suppose it doesn't matter. and i dont want to know. i like unsolved mysteries.

i was on the phone tonight with my true love and its almost like she got a spell put on me back in the day. and like maybe she was only supposed to put a teaspoon of that shit in my drink and she put like 5 tablespoons.

she will call and im out of control.

she'll talk and i'll listen but instead of acting reasonable and asking like a follow up question i'll be all like

come on baby let me hop on the bus and give you the good shit.

she'll laugh

let me bring back some lil memories. let me ring that forgotten bell. let me do to you all the dirty things that no one knows about.

and she'll tell me that a few people know.

and i will say let me lick you where ever you want. anywhere. name the spot. name the quadrant. zero me in on the x y.

and today she said i would like my toes licked.

and i was all hmmm i dont know if i could do that.

she went ha!

and i said, but if there was one girl who id do that to itd be you.

and she told me how she wasn't all that into lost in translation and i said you still have that little baby blue number. the one that showed off your hips real good.

i said what do i hafta do to get some of that shit on the down low.

she just laughed and said oh brother.

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