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   Wednesday, April 07, 2004  
william hung
koch records

when william hung sings "theres a time for everyone" from "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" from his new cd, Inspiration, he sings a mouthful. on many levels.

yes its awful karoake. yes its funny. but weirdly it is inspirational in a way much deeper than how the special olympics inspires.

this is a guy who can barely speak english let alone sing it. and he doesnt stop at covering the Eagles and Ricky Martin, but he then busts with the spanish in "Bailamos" and it's funny and terrible and wonderful and laughable and uplifting!

fuck lance armstrong, william hung is your great american hero.

im listening to it here at work and people are repulsed.

"i love how they insterted the mating calls of a warthog."

"this is disgusting."

"how can you listen to that?"

"dont you see that people are laughing AT him?"

it doesnt matter. i can listen to him sing "Shake Your Bon Bon" all day.

hung proves that its not the song, its the singer. i was never interested in this tune before william decided to cover it.

"it's amazing what you can throw together in an hour."

"please turn that down, tony."

"ok, im leaving. tell me when youre done with that."

my only criticism with this record is the choice of the village people classic YMCA which he sings with help from some of his fans. it makes you think this is a joke. its not a joke. its people loving the william hung inside of each of us and owning it.

only someone with true talent can sing this poorly and get away with it.

im not sure what that talent is, but theres something there.

this music, as retarded as it is, is going to live forever.

i cant explain why.

i dont want to find out why.

theres no reason why, but its true.

we love this man.

nike seriously needs to incorporate hung's "I Believe I Can Fly" with slow-motion clips of nba stars missing dunks.

and you seriously need to embrace this phenom.

before its too late and he sells out.

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