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   Monday, June 06, 2005  
when tsar's self titled debut was released in 2000, hollywood records, a subsidiary of disney, spent a shitton of money of the record, which sounds beautiful if not overpolished and tame

but many believe that a big reason for the disappointing sales numbers was due in part to the label's refusal to produce a video for any of the singles.

tsar lead singer jeff whalen is a freak, live theyre amazing, and the music and lyrics could provide anyone with even the most miniscule of creativity a virtual grab bag of images in which to create a music video.

well here we are five years after their first release and now tsar finds themselves on indie TVT records and the first thing the label did was hire some chicks for their first ever video.

thats what i call progress.

for the next 48 hours you can see the video

of the single Bands Girls Money

is the song great? why yes it is.

is the video great? uh, next question.

is this a step in the right direction? absolutely.

why are jeff's eyes wide open like hes insane? i think it was because he couldnt believe that someone was actually going to cut a video for his band.

heres how you can see it:

click this address and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Then click Hi or Lo depending on whether your high or not.

then watch the video and perhaps you will join me in thinking, gee that didnt seem to hard to put together, i wonder why disney is a bunch of jackholes determined not to ever break a band?

and no, the hillary duff cd is not what id consider a success.

if anyone is super technical and knows how to take that .rm file and turn it into something viewable on quicktime, please let me know because id love to have this beyond wednesday.

Tsar on tour this week:

Jun 6 Metro, London
Jun 7 Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
Jun 8 Fleece, Bristol
Jun 9 Little Civic, Wolverhampton
Jun 10 The Furnace, Swindon
Jun 11 Download Festival, Donington (i swear)
Jun 13 Junction, Cambridge (free)

new teenage fanclub cd tomorrow + splinky needs to switch to nsns + alecia

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