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   Wednesday, October 12, 2005  
ive had tons of jobs and ive lost tons of jobs.

but i think this is the first time in my whole life that ive had a job lined up more than two weeks before leaving the "old" job.

its very odd.

for the last two weeks ive felt somewhat like howard stern chomping at the bit waiting to jump over to the other side where i can really go for it.

unlike howard i really liked my current company, but i really didnt fit in the job that ive had. you can try to be a shortstop playing catcher, but after a while people just say, "dude you cant even put on the equipment properly - go find a team that needs a damn shortstop and quit embarrassing yourself."

yesterday there was a tv crew in the place. it reminded me of E! because they used to shoot all over the building. i like that energy and i will miss it.

i will also miss how smart everyone is.

for all you young people who read this, just know that some companies dont always hire smart people and so if you find yourself surrounded with people who know what the hell theyre doing or have great ideas or know how to communicate, appreciate it cuz it's rare.

i know its hard to believe, but it's true.

i will also miss hollywood blvd. which is a daily acid trip. ive seen vomit, poop, celebs dolled up, celebs fucked up, tourists from every country, space aliens, dogs walking themselves, the hottest chicks alive, and the scariest people of all time.

one day i will take a camera up and down hollywood blvd for a year and make the greatest coffee table book of all time, but first i have some kickass work to do with my friend marc brown and his longtime partner anthony over at buzznet.

my first assignment is to fly to new york this weekend, meet christie from the best week ever blog, and some old friends, and then crash the BlogOn con and spread the word of buzznet which has made some improvements lately, including increasing the size of their horizontal pictures.

there are many more upgrades on the way, so stay tuned. and do me a flavor, if youve ever considered signing up for a free account and/or putting a buzznet strip on your blog, knock yourself out and sign up... for me, your pal tone.

and if youre going to be in new york on monday night come have a drink with me and marc at Lolita's in the East Village.

i'll have a few copies of Stiff for sale, you'll get to see how frickin tall mc brown is, and if you're lucky you'll even get to buy me a Baileys on the rocks.

tell your friends.

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