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   Tuesday, October 11, 2005  
people are knocking Lost which they really shouldnt because its not like theres much else better on television

and you really shouldnt disuade the networks from making quality cough FREE tv for your ungrateful asses.

and even though i would love to write about Lost the night that it airs, i realize that we live in a Tivo Nation and not everyone can see the show when its beamed across the friendly skies and not everyone is glued to the set exactly when you and i are, so since it comes on tomorrow i figure that today would be a good day to recap for a quickie little minute.

first of all during Lost's season finale they had the weird white people kidnap the black child. sorta a Bill Bennett move months before the actual utterence of the republican. no word yet if crime has gone down on the island because of it.

then you have adebisi being just as freaky and scary as he was in Oz, and you have my girlfriend michelle rodriguez and peg bundy as newcommers to the show - as if they needed any fresh blood, but they do add to the story.

now for the annoying stuff: i dont mind that the first two episodes were basically re-tellings of the inside of the hatch incident. ive got time. i dont need something super new happening each moment and the hatch is new and interesting so why not.

plus in the second episode we got to see my brotha and the whiteboy on those goofy rafts fighting and dripping blood into the sea as sharks were banging their noses underneath them. you got a problem with that? i dont.

back in the hatch we have the aussie diddling around with the Apple II. typing in the crazy numbers trying to keep the clock back at 108 - which was my age when i started the busblog, fyi - because he didnt want the world to explode.

this is the only problem that i have with the plot thus far.

if he's afraid the world will explode, why is he running away from the bunker? i realize hes probably more than a little twisted after spending that much time, alone, listening to mama cass records, and not having any junk food to munch on, but for a survivalist he must know that he's safer in that bunker than out of it.

especially with the polar bears and spirits and dinosaurs running around out there.

and who let the fat guy into the pantry?

similarily im bummed that the korean guy is gonna start speaking english. unless he got some sort of locke transformation via the island, i dont want to know that he's known english this whole time.

i hope that as soon as he starts talking a dinosaur bites his head off.

i also want people to dip into the heroin stash and start having orgies.

isnt that what you do when youre about to die?

with that said i loved the training film that locke and the doc watched. i loved how they failed at making it seem old. it was scary and i like it when broadcast tv is scary, and unlike howard stern i refuse to believe that the island was a nazi experiment gone wrong.

the nazis never made it to asia.

me, if i was on that island i would hang out with the fat guy. not only is he lucky but hes funny.

although he looks like he reeks like a mother.

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