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   Wednesday, October 26, 2005  
we're gonna have to do a twelve minutes with tony cuz when this post is over, rock band Tsar is going to be on Jonesy's Jukebox on 103.1, which im sure is available via the web, [Update, shows over, they were great]

last night i went home and the phone was ringing and people were calling and whats weird about working where i do now is theres not a lot of downtime. we're a tiny company that signs deals every day and i dont actually make or break the deals but i do help a lot of the back stuff.

for example, Tsar signed with Buzznet yesterday. imagine that. but not like how you or your friends signed up - this is through their label, TVT, the purveyors of Crunk (Lil Jon, etc), and TVT not only wants us to have Tsar on Buzznet but set up a sweet contest and have the band post pictures from the road as they head out with Juliette Lewis

and they want me at the Tower in-store tomorrow to take pics, and at the Roxy show tomorrow night, and oh if we were a bigger company i would hit the road with them, but maybe next year.


we have some big bands that are big in their circles like Fall Out Boy and H.I.M. and if you only knew how rabid those fans are... its amazing.

Just go to their pages and look at all the comments these people get or how many Friends they have, its incredible. And even though i never considered Buzznet a competitor to MySpace or LiveJournal or whatever, the fact that these kids can share pictures of their favorite bands or see the pics that the bands put up there and comment is not only cool, its cute.

so i went to the fridge last night and got mondays leftovers from the Pantry and i warmed em up and talked to two girls on speaker and played the SG for them and was all, ok why dont you two come over and dance on my dining room table as i shred on the guitar and they laughed and were all, nah. and i was all why dont we play scientist and one of you can be the control group and the other can be the test study and they were all um nah

and i looked at the joint and a half on my tivo and strangely i was all, nah.

and i looked at the porn next to the joint and i was all, hmmm. and i used to belong to pornflix but for some reason their shit sometimes didnt get to me and i wonder if the postman was stealing that shit because if i was gonna steal anything it would be porn dvds to tony pierce cuz i know what to pick out for example jack's playground i think is what its called was filmed pretty sweetly and always had cute girls in hot outfits and if you ask me thats what its all about, although jack, like most of the industry is a wee bit preoccupied with that ass if you know what i mean. every ass has to have something stuck into it and what ever happened to romance and dog collars? thats all i wanna know.

so we have one minute till noon and if youre in LA its 103.1 steve jones from the sex pistols interviewing and chatting with your favorite band TSAR

above photo of Sophie via 4rilla + + jenny good

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