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   Thursday, December 29, 2005  
i dont know where i am. i just know its a nice hotel, it has a 24 hour hot tub, lots of tv channels, a warm heater in the room, and lots of electrical jacks for my ipod alarm clock, and computer.

and i know im super sleepy.

and im suprised how far i can drive in the rain and the wind and the cold.

my car likes to do a funny little trick that i call, "lets scare tony shitless".

when i bought this car this summer i got all these things fixed, one of them was to get new battery wires because the old ones were semi corroded, but the dude lubed up the connectors so slippery-like that sometimes they disconnect from the battery when youre going over bumpy roads.

so as soon as i pulled into this motel the car wouldnt start when i wanted to start it up again.

at this point it was pouring rain and all i wanted to do was go inside and hit the hay.

but because i smoked pot every day for ten years my memory wasnt so good and i was all oh shit did i get lucky that this car died right here in the motel parking lot.

so i got my bags and brought them inside the room and i went back to the car and popped the hood just to see if the wires were loose but they werent. plus its always freaky to touch a battery line or a post

but just to make sure i raised my foot and tapped down on the battery cable with my sneaker and it sparked a little and i nearly had a heart attack.

but the wire thing pushed down a little on the post and i went into the car and turned the key it started. whew.

its a good carm it just likes to remind me whose boss.

bro i know whose boss.

springsteens the boss.

although i had been listening to raw dog comedy which was cracking me up.

tomorrow im headed back to umpqua for perhaps a little fishing.

this has been a great trip and there are a few mvps so far... jack in the box for providing toilets for me to stink up, best western because 75% of their motels have given me free wifi, and the pants for getting my ass on the same stage as kurt kobain so i could sing a styx song for him.

im very interested to see what howard 100 will be like when theyre actually allowed to have the howard cast and crew on the air because right now its mildly disappointing only hearing all this filler.

i will say this though: the possibilities for the two channels are amazing.

the above pic is of the us/canadian border crossing more pics of it and vancity here

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