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   Tuesday, January 03, 2006  
if i had been in hollywood when the ball dropped i would have attended the Rocket new years eve party, but alas i was on the 5 taking pictures of myself and being barraged with phone calls.

even though i was instructed to be in LA on the 2nd, today is really the first day of work for me here at Buzznet and there are some big new features and changes in store.

one thing that hasnt changed is that i dont talk to anyone on the elevators.

the other tenants of this hi rise are all very nice and hip and young and cool and all that but rarely will i do anything more than raise my eyebrows after they say hello to me.

then theres always the one-upsman game of who-has-a-higher-suite-number, we at buzznet almost always win unless someone from the penthouse returns from walking their dog.

i hate losing.

last year the busblog got more hits than in any year before. and after years of averaging about 1,000 hits a day, last year this blog averaged close to 2,000 hits a day. and to make us believe that theres more of the same in store for '06, decemeber was the second-most trafficked month for this blog, so thank you all for your patronage (if thats the correct word for a free blog) and i hope that your visit was worthwhile.

unlike my neighbors, to you i say hello. hola. bonjour.

its 2:23pm and noone is here at buzznet hq as they all went to lunch when i went to the post office, so i put tsar on the stereo, i opened some windows and im writing to you to give you a few more housekeeping notes about this blog.

the biggest news is you only have 10 more days to order Stiff, so if you want a copy now is the time to get it.

its my favorite of the blooks that ive made and sales were pretty good. for some reason i thought more people would buy the best thing ive ever written but what the author believes and what the public buys are generally two different things.

also yesterday i succeeded at my new new years resolution of reading at least SOMETHING from the bible every sunday. and yesterday i read the first two pages of Genesis, and what struck me was how fast God established that ALL the plants and animals are here for our use. in fact he specifically mentioned seed-bearing plants.

it's always been my belief that most of these Christian Conservatives are just as much Christian as the President is a Constitutionalist. they say they are but when the rubber hits the road they just want to tell everyone else what to do while they disobey every rule in the book.

if page two of your rule book says that weed is a gift from God, then you either need to stop calling yourselves Christians or admit that you have a differring of opinion from your Messiah.

me, im good with the Good Lord. i believe that all the seed-bearing plants are here for our use. and when i use them and they make me happy and smile and they feed me body and soul i generally praise Jesus, as he would want us to do.

and i know its early in the text, but i dont see anywhere where it says that abortions should be illegal. fyi.

however i did read where God seperated the Darkness from the Light and it looks like Jack Abramoff is about to shed some light on the darkness in DC in what could be the biggest congressional scandal... Ever.

how do i know it's big news?

1. Abramoff is the #1 word in Technorati
2. Drudge has given it a red headline (if it were a Clinton scandal it would have police lights next to it)
3. LGF and Pajamas Media have decided to ignore it in hopes it will go away
4. Instapundit wrote one simple somber sad sentence with a link to a simple sober "roundup" by the WSJ law blog who goes into very little detail (because details make the GOP look like... scum).

for actual insight on the case and the plea bargain, perhaps TPM is where you might start or even better, our giddy crimestoppers over at metafilter

[UPDATE: as of 6:36pm PST Drudge has now made it his main bold headline "THE MAN WHO BOUGHT OFF WASHINGTON" implying, i believe that the dozens of GOP leaders (and two dems) were somehow innocent victims in the whole thing... ah Drudge, always showing the world how to properly be a rightwing towelboy]

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