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   Saturday, January 21, 2006  
its sex saturday and because nothing in this shit is true i cant tell you about what has happened in the last 6-8 hours but needless to say its one fourty five and im hungover and ive just realized that i have so much orange juice in this house which is clearly a sign from Above that someone is looking out for me and someone knew that everything was gonna be alright.

i need a tv in my bedroom.

today i just wanted to lay in my bed and do nothing but because im a freak there has to be stimuli at all times.

they say men are visual, if thats the case im hypervisual. and audible.

at all times there needs to be the tv on at minimum.

its one reason i have problems working in quiet offices.

i was at this girls house the other day and when we fell asleep i noticed that her stereo was still on, playing a cd... very quietly, and it was on repeat. and it was very nice to have that going on while holding a naked girl.

the modern home should have music in every room. controled by wireless devices. or robots.

the interesting thing about being a bachelor in los angeles at this time is unless youre incredibly lucky or incredibly great at something, or evil, you cant buy a modern home here. youre a renter4lyfe. which has its advantages.

i dont even know where id buy a modern home in los angeles.

only place id want to live forever if not isla vista would be malibu and unfortunately both locales are annoyingly inconvient for daily deeds in the city of angels.

which is why obviously my dream job would require virual meetings. business conducted via email and phones and or esp.

or i guess i could just film porn out there.

this i can tell you about last night. if i ever complain to you about anything, at any time, for any reason, ignore me, as i am so far ahead of the game they should just make me sit out the fourth quarter.

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