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   Tuesday, January 24, 2006  
my college roommate chris has laker season tickets.

so yesterday as i was driving to lunch i rang him up to see if he went to the game or if he sold his seats.

"tone i went. and not only that, but the Lakers called me up before the game and asked me if i could make it down to Staples a little bit early, and i should bring my camera."

turned out he had been selected in a daily raffle of season ticket holders who had been loyal to the team for several years. what they wanted to do was upgrade some of the upperdeck tickets to twelfth row jobbers.

first they took pictures with the laker girls, then they brought out some toys and merch for the kids, then they gave everyone better seats for the game.

so not only did my bro chris see the best laker performance he'd ever seen

but he did it in style,

and twelve rows from the court.

and he brought his camera, something he hardly ever does.

and of course we put those pictures up on buzznet for him.

he said the only picture he didnt get was when kobe gave him a high five as he exited the tunnel right before the opening lineup introductions.

chris is a good guy who has been blessed with good fortune so i told him that he should tell the lakers that maybe they should permanently move his seats down there, and in the spirit of keeping the good mojo flowing, perhaps he should remind the lakers what kobe did the other night and make sure to always slap his hand before introductions.

but chris said the magic idol might be his young daughter eliza who was not only there the other night, but also in attendence at the game where robert horry drained that sweet 3pointer to beat sacto back in the day.

and for all those naysayers who want to argue about the Raptors sucking or kobe hogging the ball, may i remind you that the Raptors were up by 15 in the 3rd quarter and it wasnt until the second half, after all the Lakers proved that they sucked, that kobe took over and shot lights out 55 points in those last two quarters.

i can understand how you can think kobe is a spoiled rich kid living in the OC with his flashy wife with her huge diamond rings

but anyone who scores 81 in a game deserves major props. i dont care if its in college highschool or even in the nba.

some of chris's pics from the famous game

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