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   Monday, March 20, 2006  
im beat im broken im in an airport that just charged me seven bones to write you, so i better make this good.

things i learned at sxsw

+ rock n roll is here to stay

+ if you want to have a great party invite a half dozen texas rollergirls and feed them free booze for a week

+ drunk blogging should only be attempted by professionals on a closed track

+ austin really is the music capital of the world

+ isla vista's del playa is alive and well on 6th street and red river.

+ my chemical romance live doesnt suck, but j mascis's witch bites.

+ gogogogogoqewiru bordello is the new clash pogues combo we desperately have been in need of

+ honky is the young man's zz top that we've also needed and little did we know but they have been around for 10 years and have 6 cds.

+ marc canter rolls incredible joints and will say very nice things about you to strangers even if you dont talk about him much on your blog

+ lyle lovitt is about my height

+ all taxis in austin cost about $5

+ if youre going to go to sxsw interactive and sxsw music and you are planning on drinking smoking dancing rocking and interacting for ten days, take a day off right before the music starts. and by day off i mean stay sober and preferably in your room.

+ dont kiss girls with the sniffles.

+ cops really will give you a ticket if you go down the wrong way on a one way street and immediate turn around to fix it.

+ southwest really will charge you $25 for having a bag three pounds overweight

+ ironworks bbq is pretty good

+ red bull doesnt really give you wings but people seem to love it anyways

+ leah is petite cute and has the best texas accent

+ dan and sara are great ambassadors for austin and anyone who comes to town really should have at least one drink with them at the driskoll, but count on having more than one drink.

+ toddy b is the mayor of 6th street

+ im not an awful photographer but it wouldnt hurt to invest in some way better lenses

+ girls like to dance all night

+ austin is quite proud of their football and basketball teams even though their colors look exactly like doggie poop.

+ dooce is hot

+ craigslist got its name from buzznet's anthony batt who told craig (who was thinking of changing the name) that he was crazy to call it anything other than craigslist

+ if youre being paid to write while on the road you really should knock something out before you start your day and at the end of the day because you really will forget shit quickly

+ sxsw is the epitome of sensory overload

+ but the biggest lesson i learned at sxsw is im mortal and i love drinking and listening to music far more than i ever thought.

i will return and i will do it better next time

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