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   Thursday, March 02, 2006  
lent. fuck lent. fuck fucking lent. wanna give something up for lent - give lent up for lent. better yet, give up catholicism forever.

lent isnt in the bible. lent isnt even close to being in the bible. sure there were things that happened for 40 days but those werent 40 literal days those were symbolic.

wannd do something from now until Easter? read the bible. do us all a favor. know what the hell youre doing when you follow bizarre church rituals that have nothing to do with scripture or Jesus's teachings, or reality, or real faith.

wanna give up something for 40 days? give up being a sheep. give up ritual for ritual sake. give up ignorance. give up bogusness.

the church wants us to give up things because the church wants us to get used to having us listen to them and obey them. meanwhile Jesus said that the ONLY way to the Father is through him. so fuck the fucking pope and his minions who tell you to give shit up even though its not in the good book.

you think they're not skiing down ice cream mountains and having blowjob competitions in Heaven right now during Lent? would that be Paradise to you?

if you want to give up chocolate or cocaine or pigging out once a week, how about giving it up forever. meanwhile if you feel guilty that you love chocolate or cocaine or all you can eat buffets, quit feeling guilty. if youre not hurting anyone go for it.

this period of time leading up to the celebration of Easter isnt a time for the devil to torture you by convincing you that the things you like should be taken away from you for a month and a half. it should be a time to reflect on the sacrafices that Jesus made so that we could have eternal life. so that we'd have a treasure in Heaven. so we could party.

how on Earth does giving up something for 40 days equate to having a treasure in Heaven? so you can feel what Jesus felt when He suffered for our sins? who the fuck are you to think you know what its like to pay for ALL the sins of mankind? and by not eating mcdonalds for a month and a half you think that gives you a taste of the Messiah's sufferings? heathen, please.

let me tell you a thing or two about the Lord Jesus Christ when He was on the cross on Good Friday. bro was God and yet He looked up and said to the sky "Why hast Thou forsaken me?" meaning for a split second Jesus was so low that even He lost faith in God, and therefore Himself.

no lack of m&ms for five weeks is going to do that to you. your wrists are being nailed to the cross. your feet dont have a spike through them. youre not wearing a crown of thorns with people staring at you and heckling you as your mother weeps below you and soldiers jab you with swords and feed you vinegar to drink as you are dying in the sun.

lent needs to be shoved up the ass of the church for its a mockery of real suffering. oh im not going to go to taco bell for a month, im a good catholic. oh im not going to watch anal porn for a month, im going to Heaven. oh im not going to eat beef on Friday im better than you. suck it fakers and read the Bible.

but if you really feel the need to give something up, give shit up thats truly toxic. thats truly evil in your life. thats honestly keeping you down. people give up foods that they like or blogs that they read or activities that they love but the good book says its not what goes into your mouth thats rotten its what comes out, and bullshitting people is what needs to stop in this world. talking about shit that has no basis. lent has zero basis in real Christianity. its not in the bible, its not a commandment, its not even a suggestion by Jesus. the namesake of your religion. the man on your crucifix.

quit propigating the lies and fallen ways of old men long since gone whose names werent emmanuelle. and please God if youre going to follow those false traditions do us all a favor and quit calling yourselves Christians because Christ isnt your leader, Popes are. youre Papists, and the most significant thing that the Popes have done over the last 50 years is allow their priests to literally fuck little boys,

meaning if you want to give up something toxic this lent season, give up supporting child molesting organizations whose roots and ways are far from biblical, whose rules are made up, whose policies are sexist and perverted, and whose leaders give shelter to the most vile criminals to walk the earth.

the lie of lent is just another in the long and bizarre parade of neverending bastardizations of the most-read book in the world by the Catholic church. if youre going to turn your back on something for forty days, may i suggest turning your back on the Vatican and all the perverted demons who eminate from there.

theres a reason they used to preach mass in latin with their back turned to their audience. its because they knew if the clergy actually read the entire bible theyd know that the church theyre in is full of shit. give up being full of shit for lent.

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