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   Saturday, September 23, 2006  
day 14. torontwins its 229pm im hungover. im still in yesterdays clothes. pitt was nice enough to let me crash at his pad last night. the best thing is i got to sleep on a regulation canadian army cot. i knew id sleep well on it but i didnt know id sleep THAT great. i had vivid beautiful dreams that nearly compared to the vivid beautiful reality of last night starring two chinese twins who covered their mouths as they laughed to my dirty jokes.

so have you two been twins for a while?

the joke was on me though because as sweet and innocent as they were they suprised me with some very dirty details that made me cover my mouth and blush.

we drank at the Madison on Madison right near the University of Toronto and the parade of hotness was amazing but somehow the twins drew me in and kept me in despite Raymi making the OK sign with one hand and putting the index finger of her other hand thru the hole of the OK sign - and Fil putting up the peace sign meaning 2 GIRLS!

sadly both of the ladies have boyfriends and i couldnt convince them that all the fantasies of lustmaking with twins superceedes the banal conventions of committed college relationships. particularily when an international blogger was involved.

they did however say on occasion OMG we're talking to Tony Pierce!

which of course sustained my erection.

pitt has now exited the shower so its my turn. when im done we're gonna speed to the Skydome to check out the Red Sox vs Blue Jays. bro has sweet seats.

then AFTERWARDS, TORONTO, you should meet us all at the club next to the Holiday INN on St. George & Bloor called the Fox and the Fiddle where so many bloggers and hotties will be i dont think i will have enough memory in my cam to capture it all.

so if youre here COME and reach down my pants. kthnxbi.

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