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   Saturday, September 02, 2006  
Sorry, I think [Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann] are both goofballs, just as I think most people in "the media" (and the government) are. I might agree with one more than the other, but that just points out my own intellectual failings, not their moral superiority.

(I take that back, as I mostly disagree with BOTH of them.)

And why is Olbermann so brave for calling Rumsfeld an asshole? I can't think of anybody who doesn't call Rumsfeld an asshole these days, frankly. Even the conservatives are on his case now.

(Tony, we probably agree more than we disagree politically. I'm just sick of everyone in the media patting themselves on the back for their bravery in attacking an administration that is getting damned close to single-digit approval ratings anyway. It's not so brave to shout out something everyone agrees with, after all.) - COOP

Coop im certain that we agree with more things than we disagree.


Keith is brave because there are very few actual media-types, real media-types who will attack anyone in the administration out of pussyass fear of being grouped with Michael Moore, MoveOn, Cindy Sheehan (pictured) or Dan Rather as "fringe" or "extremist Liberals". As if anyone who says this war is stupid is some traitor.

Jon Stewart and Colbert have to pretend that they're just kidding, and O'Reilly has to pretend that he's not kidding.

Keith on the otherhand has no problem acting like a normal human being and smiling and laughing during his puppet show or scowling and bashing during his commentaries like the ones in the post below.

Olbermann might not be the quasi-network quasi-news anchor of your dreams, but he's a giant leap away from the clearly uneducated partisan hacks at Fox or the emotionless drones everywhere else. And he's a voice in the wilderness for the majority of Americans who disagree with the administration but have been convinced that if they say anything they'll be marginalized for cutting and running, flip flopping, being a moonbat or any of the other childish taunts that sadly work just as well today as they did in the schoolyard.

There can be a middle ground in serious News Analysis as the LAT calls it and it can be entertaining. Although they're not fully there yet, I believe that Countdown is taking us down that path since it uses actual video evidence, real quotes, and omg facts to make its case. O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Coulter et al simply say "Kerry's fugly and Moore's fat."

The beauty of Olbermann's peice the other day was it brought back the idea of actually having an educated take that does not suck, using history as an example, and making friends with the English language. BushCo could certainly learn from the former SportsCenter anchor.

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