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   Monday, July 07, 2008  
speaking of writing a lot, a lovely woman felt motivated by something i said at a thing i had to speak at. one in which, if i remember correctly, i was very nervous at.

Writing Everyday

“If you think you are a good writer, write every day,” blogs editor Tony Pierce said not too long ago at a local Ed2010 networking event in April.

Pierce also added, “If you think you are a great writer, write twice a day.”

These two sentences have stayed with me over the past few months. Almost every journalism organization or group will have at least one panel discussion, seminar, etc., a year about why journalists should be blogging. But Pierce’s reasoning makes the most sense to me.

Others tend to focus on the associated technology of linking, tagging, etc., and the luxury of writing about anything you want. Then, even if everyone was doing it, why would anyone want to read my thoughts on a daily basis?

The thing is it isn’t about you the prospective Sara Shereen Post regular reader. It’s about me.
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