hunter holiday called. again. i know you like my sister. everyone likes yr sister. yeah but you two talk all the time.
well, your sister likes to talk on the phone, what am i supposed to do? my friends think you're only after her cash. your sister is fun, she's sexy, she's smart as hell. she likes to get naked.
she likes phone booths, driving fast, stupid clothes. she has hot friends,
dirty stories, and nice legs. i'd kiss your sister again. for free next time.

she says that you ask about me when you talk. sure, why wouldnt i? you
don't even know me. so. she says that you think that i am prettier than
her. yep. did you mean it? nope. yes you did. no i didn't. do you know
how old i am?
yeah, you're eight teen. wrong-o i'm seven teen. how does
it feel to be seven teen? it's great! how does it feel to be thirty four? you
know the old joke. no. a man is as young as his girl feels. is stacii your
nah, shes the wrong sign. do you know what sign i am? yeah youre
seven teen. some boys like that. what do you like? i like what i cant have.
can you speak french? oui. do you like sitting around all night doing drugs,
drinking, listening to led zeppelin and watching television? oh my god yes.
you just like me because your sister does.
so, you just like me cuz i'm her sister.
don't you have to go
to school in the
morning or
wait a minute,
you still go to
i do. and i think
you'd like my
so the trick is that you have to be talking if you are
going to hang up on some body because that makes
it more believeable that you were accidentally disconnected.
if they're talking and you do it they'll call you back all pissed off. but
if you're talking they'll call back not mad or if you're really lucky they wont call back.
stacii holiday would never have called back but her little sister did and after a while i said
the first time that i saw you you had a big floppy hat on and you were drinking champagne with a straw.
i like to burp. the first time i saw you you were shrooming with stacii and you said that if she was smart she
would secretly buy a bunch of cute little roadside motels, fix them up and build another empire.
funny, i don't
remember saying that. yes you did. and i have been trying it out. you have?
yes. and i own one about a block
away from your apartment.
you lie. would you like to meet me there. i fixed it up pretty nice. i would not like to
meet you there. and i am sure that you fixed it up very nicely.
that was a great idea, sonny i. lavista, how can i
ever thank you?
easy, just send me a picture now 'n then and quit callin so much. i'll be 18 soon. one time my