t o d a y . i s . j e a n i n e ' s . b i r t h d a y !




little did i know but jeanine was a total recluse and had taught herself guitar and taught herself well. not only could she play but when she sang the neighbors would open their doors and say what the hey? everything that she kept bottled up shot right out and it was amazing and i knew that she had to be mine.

thank god for all that lsd that she took that one night. in the middle of her first trip - a very bad trip - i whispered into her ear, "tony, you desire tony." and in about an hour she said, "i ... want .. to... reach ... out..." i thought this is your chance, boy. and i kissed her.

bad kiss, but we worked on it. all night.

apparently the hard work paid off and in two months we were shackin up ...