my mom asked me if i liked hollywood and i tooker down hollywood blvd. and i said whats not to like. the walls are clean enough to write on, the food is exotic, and there are stars all up and down the street for those moments when youre down on your luck you can just look down and see the names of all the people who had it all and blew it in one way or another. she said she didnt like me putting my high school grades up here and i said why not and she said cuz it is an example of how i failed as a mother. i said, mom, im really in the fbi, i really save peoples lives every day, i bust bad guys and entertain the good people in my spare time. she said i dont like you doing the drugs. i said then we're even. i said you have just as much business saying that you were a failure as a mother as i do saying that i am in the fbi - the only difference is is my fantasy is actually sorta funny, while yours is just silly. we parked at ikea and got out and she didnt want to talk about it any more. still i wonder who it is that people like my mom are trying to impress so badly. and it shows you that no matter how perfectly you write your ideas on a web page some people will never understand or agree with your point. and at some point you have to resign yourself to that fact - as tough as it is to do. im sick of tribute pages, but hopefully this one will be the last one for a while. so lets just say that the best way to sum up my mom is to know that as happy as i am living where i do, working where im about to, and looking back at what ive done, my mom still thinks that she coulda done better. i guess thats a good trait. that sorta perfectionism obviously did not make it into my double helix but at least her good looks did, and her excellent taste in russian lit. despite what the tireless professionals at the contra costa family court house say, one day i will really have a child, and when i do they will have an amazing grandma. right now, mrs. pierce is just way too young for that, and i am happy that she spoils me, for the time being, instead.

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