oj, what the hell are you doing on my webpage?
sonny said that if i interviewed you about starting your new job, hed give me $15. unlike some people, it's not so easy for everyone to get a job.
well, i dont have much to say, im excited to get the opportunity and i'll do my best to do a good job and i hope i help out the company.
you havent worked in over 6 months, do you think you still have what it takes?
well, oj, it has really only been about 5 months, but yes, i think i can edit the closed-captions in a way that will make everyone proud.
do you really think im not guilty?
i think you were set up, juice. you're a running back,, not a double murderer.
but what about the blood in my car?
dude, there was a bunch of blood unaccounted for. but i dont think sonny's paying you to talk about this.
hey did you like the Knights Tale?
havent seen it yet.
it's good.
uhm hmm.
so do you get a parking space and stuff?
i dont know, im going to take the subway, and the bus.
why dont you ride your bike?
im thinking i might do that sometimes, but this might be a good way to catch up on my Bible reading.

get out.
seriously. first i want to finish Sirens of Titan, but then im going to read the Bible again, then i hope to buy a corvette.
how much is the subway anyhow?
well, it's $1.35, but you can get tokens for 90 cents, or 6 for $5, then you pay a quarter extra for the transfer.
you can also get a month pass for $42.
you are so crazy.
im crazy? whatever, pedro guerrero's best friend.
is that girl really nineteen?
you know, nicole was 17 when i met her.

i thought she was 16.

nope, 17.
fucking press. are there any professionals in any industry?
know who's also 19?
i have no clue.
that anna kournikova chick.
that girls been 19 forever. what about britney and christina?
britney will be 20 in december, and christina will be 21 in december.
so britney is 19. oh well, i like christina better.
you dont like anna?
im disappointed that she doesnt win tournaments.
you know who else is 19? that girl who plays Meadow on the Sopranos.
i hafta go to sleep. big day tomorrow.
sorry oj. ive gotta make sure i have a nice tshirt to wear with my nice jeans.
ok but one more question.
are the lakers for real?
the lakers haven't even warmed up.