chris has the best family. her mom is a great cook and a great photographer. look at this awesome picture. we went up to their riverside casa in oregon a few times for christmas and thanksgiving and they always treated me so nicely.

after the unfortunate situation with jeanines family you can understand how nervous i was to meet chris's family but they were nothing but loving and generous and awesome. you wouldnt believe it. i know i say a lot of nice things about people in this but im not exaggerating when i say nice things about chris's family. they are so so nice, really good at everything they do. theyre even great bowlers! and in the funniest move, chris's dad, who is a drug/alcohol counselor, busted out with some of the best liquor and fucked us all up. there was always so much food and pop and beer and warm feelings that i will miss them very very much. rock on good people!