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Leah doesn't write an awful lot in her blog, but she writes just about every day. The ringleader of Vacant.cc, an amazing cove of talented young writers and designers, Leah is also a contributor at the newly launched eGirl - an incredibly well-designed web zine that includes little pieces from, well, girls. (and a few boys).

Unlike most girls her age, Leah doesn't whine about crushes, or girls, or her parents, or even her older sister. She keeps everything pretty positive. A refreshing rarity in my opinion.

She's also not shy about taking pictures of her favorite subject: herself. And not only is no one complaining, but if you view her guest book, most people only have nice things to say. And why shouldn't they? Maybe that's why a fan of one of those TellMeI'mSexy.com sites illegally took her pictures, posted them and watched as Leah skyrocketed to the top 3 in a matter of days.

Fan of the Power Puff Girls, hanging out by the lake, and photography, let's give it up to this former Canadian and newest member to the sweet ass website club.

Sunday, May 20, 2001

I need to make a list of things that I want to accomplish during the summer. - 9:09 PM

I have two more whole days of school, and 2 more 1/2 days. That's 3 more days of school, this is fantttttastic! - 12:28 PM

I saw Weezer perform on SNL. I can't help but smile while watching them, they totally rock my butt off. My butt has been rocked off. - 12:13 AM

supertsar7 : hi, fellow weezer fan
imasillygerl : hello!
: i dont mean to disturb you this fine sunday, but i would sure love to interview you for my lil web page. im spotlighting cool sites.
imasillygerl : wow
: that would be excellenta!
: how are you today?
imasillygerl : i'm doing pretty darn good, and yourself?
supertsar7 : great, first off i love your site and i was wondering what's up with your new design?
supertsar7 : will we see anything new soon?
imasillygerl : well! i tried a couple of redesigns and none of them pleased me quite like i wanted them too, so i asked a good pal of mine- ol marcus to help me.. and he made something that i really enjoy. i think i'm going to mess around with it or something like that, but hopefully before i die i will have something new up.
: cool, i also really like eGirl - what is your role on that?
imasillygerl : well i know both of the people that are the main..people things. so i told them that they could put it up on my server (vacant.cc), so they did. and i also write in every issue for them.
: not that it is any of my business, but approximately how many hits do you get on your homepage?
imasillygerl : it's your buisness now, eh? i get around 400-500 hits a day. although that might be wrong since my counter resets itself sometimes without me wanting it to. arg! but as far as i know it 400-500.. sometimes less, sometimes more.

Thursday, May 24, 2001

After my last exam, I was standing outside like usual in the middle of the courtyard. A balloon goes by my shoulder, and skims it. Pretty darn close, I would say. Two minutes later a balloon hits just me directly on my head- soaking me. It was freezing cold, but you know what? It's okay- because I am SOOO out of school now.

: ok two more quick questions: #1, do you totally love the new weezer cd?
imasillygerl : yes. it's mighty different than their old stuff (which i prefer), but it's still weezer- so it's great.
supertsar7 : #2 so, what are you planning to do for your summer vacation?
imasillygerl : well i want money because i want things that require me paying with money. so, my dad got me a job at a cable company. yep! i'm leah the customer service person. every day during the week for 9 hours, and one saturday every month. atleast i'll still have the night time to go out on some big adventures.
: oh, i forgot one more question - do you have time for one more?
imasillygerl : yes i do
: what was up with that RateMyFace or whatever that was - did someone really put your pics on that site and pretend it was you, or do you think that site did it for themself?
imasillygerl : i think that someone did it themselves, which i totally still don't understand. it had happened once before, but sad to say i didn't get up to #3.
: hey thanks so much, leah, i hope to have this innerview up on my site either today or tomorrow. thanks again! keep up the great work!
imasillygerl : why thank you!
: see you later alligator.
: adios amiga!
imasillygerl signed off at 11:12:51 AM..................................... home