// chat of the week

rene23 : hey hefty.
supertsar7 hey sexy beast
rene23 : i'm teasing you know.
rene23 : let me know about tonight with jessica.
supertsar7 : i know, its cool
rene23 : i think i would like to see the movie with you .
supertsar7 : it doesnt sound like its gonna happen
rene23 : a late show.
rene23 : with her?
supertsar7: you would?
supertsar7 : yeah
supertsar7: she has her sister in town
supertsar7 : and we partied on wednesday
supertsar7: i dont think she wants to push it
rene23 : hmm.
rene23 : i thought tonight was the night with the tech team?
supertsar7 : nope
supertsar7 : i canceled it cuz not enough people wanted to come
rene23 : would you feel up to the flick later tonight?
supertsar7 : i dont know
supertsar7: maybe
supertsar7 : ive been drunk 4 nights in the last 7 days
supertsar7 : im pooped
supertsar7: and my house is a mess
rene23 : ok.
supertsar7: but i would rent a film with you
rene23 : what does that have to do with anything?
supertsar7 : at my place
rene23 : i don't think you would be cleaning tonight anyway.
supertsar7 : and then make some bittersweet love
supertsar7: i might
supertsar7 : you dont know me
rene23 : that's not what i meant.
rene23 : i just meant, it's the end of the week and your tired.
rene23 : not that you don't clean.
supertsar7 : i might clean if i knew i was having a female visitor
rene23 : i could bring over The Lifestyle documentary.
rene23 : we could watch that. Nerve produced it.
supertsar7 : did you see any of it yet?
rene23 : no.
supertsar7 : ok, i think i might like that
supertsar7: unless theyre ugly middleage boring people
rene23 : it's sex in suburbia.
rene23 : it could be anyone.
supertsar7 : yeah
rene23 : well, we don't have to do anything. it's cool.
rene23 : i'm tired too.
supertsar7: but i would like to hang with you
supertsar7 : maybe laundry tomorrow morn after breakfast too
supertsar7: i have enjoyed laundering with you
rene23 : thanks. but i'm going to farmers market & the beach &then yoga at 5:00.
rene23 : i've enjoyed doing laundry with you too.
rene23 : a lot.
supertsar7: farmers market today or tomorrow?
rene23 : tomorrow.
rene23 : you mentioned going tomorrow.
supertsar7 : i mentioned laundry after breakfast
rene23 : right. i
rene23 : i'm going to farmers market and the beach tomorrow.
supertsar7 : you cant do that after laundry
supertsar7 : ?
supertsar7: they have a hollywood farmers market you know.
supertsar7 : celebrity farmers
rene23 : blah
rene23 : i'm going to farmers market and the beach with natalie.
rene23 : tomorrow.
rene23 : i can't do anything.
supertsar7 : i went to the farmers market after my one night stand with crazy girl, she took me
rene23 : how was it?
supertsar7: very passionate.
supertsar7 : remmeber she had that lion on her ass.
supertsar7: and no soap in the bathroom sink.
rene23 : yeah...
rene23 : right.
rene23 : i actually the farmers market?
rene23 : did she buy anything?
supertsar7 : ohhhhh
rene23 : i know how that lovefest was.
supertsar7 : she was super broke, so i got her whatever she wanted
supertsar7 : but by the time we got there it was closing up
rene23 : oh.
supertsar7 : so we got some natural apple juices
supertsar7 : then went to the pantry for a late breakfast.
supertsar7 : remember, i called you
supertsar7: and you knew that i was up to no good.
rene23 : :-)
supertsar7 : i dont like female intuition sometimes
supertsar7 : its creepy.
rene23 : yeah it's a bit creepy sometimes.
rene23 : too bad it's wrong sometimes though.
supertsar7: do you know what im thinking right now?
rene23 : probably, and i'm not comfortable with it.
supertsar7: that i want you and samantha to play captured american paratrooper with me.
rene23 : gross.
supertsar7 : "no need to tie me down to the bed, ladies, as you can see my leg is clearly broken."
rene23 : that imagination of yours...
supertsar7 : you can play the czech nurse
rene23 : nice!
rene23 : that's a good one.
rene23 : i need long hair though.
supertsar7: wigs!
supertsar7 : samantha will have a wig on too.
rene23 : let's not bring her into this.
supertsar7 : she can play the blue-eyed dominatrix russian soldier woman who doesnt trust me.
supertsar7: but secretly wants to see what the black american man is all about.
rene23 : !
supertsar7 : oh sorry.
rene23 : enough about this.
rene23 : it's creeping me out.
supertsar7 : relax, it's just sex.
supertsar7: i gotta get you that tshirt
rene23 : it's about a friend ive known since grade school!
rene23 : so drop it.
supertsar7 : you know what d.h. lawrence said
rene23 : what?
supertsar7 : he wrote a whole book about it
supertsar7: "friends and lovers"
supertsar7 : aw yeah.
rene23 : oh right.
rene23 : duh.
rene23 : you know - i never finished anna karenina
rene23 : and this short story i read last night told me the ending.
supertsar7 : its a long ass book
supertsar7: no!
rene23 : i never knew how it ended!
supertsar7 : why must people do that?
rene23 : i was so upset.
rene23 : i still want to finish it and the characters and twists are what that story is about.
rene23 : but come on.
supertsar7 : do people get a special thrill from telling people the endings of things?
rene23 : i don't.
rene23 : maybe some do.
rene23 : i was really angry.
rene23 : and i like this author!
supertsar7 : whats her name, i will pray against her tonight.
rene23 : Haruki Murakami
rene23 : a man.
supertsar7 : doesnt sound american
supertsar7 : i dont trust him
rene23 : hey!
rene23 : he's japanese.
supertsar7 : oh yeah, i dont trust him at all
rene23 : i've gotta get some work done ...
supertsar7 : theyre quietly taking over baseball. this year was the first time in long time that i got new baseball cards
supertsar7 : all cuz of ichiro. oh, ok
supertsar7 : me too
rene23 : i'll talk to you in a bit.
supertsar7 : love ya
rene23 : xox